On a day dedicated to honoring the heroes of the past and present, we want to specifically salute veterans in the industry who continue to strengthen and enrich the restoration and cleaning professions. One example is Fire Reconstruction, a veteran owned company providing fire, water, mold, contents and roofing & reconstruction services to residential and commercial customers in the South Texas Area.

As a veteran-owned company, their decades of success are a testament to the power of strong leadership and unwavering values. The principles instilled in all three owners of Fire Reconstruction while enlisted in the military not only brought them together but served as the foundation upon which they built their business.

In 2003, Darren Hibbeler and Travis Hoffart worked for a restoration company that abruptly closed its doors, leaving clients high and dry without a contractor to finish their restoration work. Unsettled by seeing their customers abandoned in a time of need, these U.S. Army veterans banded together with the resolve to deliver on their promises.

Darren, President of Fire Reconstruction, explains that this decision was almost instinctive. In the military, qualities like leadership, loyalty, integrity, and perseverance are developed in service members from day one, shaping their mindset and approach. These values become intrinsic to how they navigate and function to this day.

Reflecting on their accomplishments over the past two decades, the Fire Reconstruction team sees their culture, communication, hard work and loyalty as the bedrock of their success. As leaders, they understand the importance of unwavering commitment to foster personal growth and development within their company.

In an industry and a day and age marked by high employee turnover rates, the Fire Reconstruction team stands out as an exception. Incredibly, only a handful of individuals have left their company in over twenty years. Their distinctiveness arises from their unwavering commitment to invest the resources necessary to see each team member develop and grow, creating and cultivating a skilled, transparent and devoted workforce. This dedication and passion naturally spill over into their work, leaving a lasting impact for years to come.

The genesis of Fire Reconstruction can be tracked down to the very first project where they helped restore the home of a local woman. Sensing their authentic dedication to her and her home, a lasting friendship was formed. Jeff Thibeaux, Fire Reconstruction’s Vice President, reflects on this connection, noting that she still periodically stops by their office to drop off baked goods.

For veterans transitioning to civilian life, Darren, Travis, and Jeff have a few words of advice: Recognize the significant accomplishments you’ve already achieved, harness your determination and work ethic, and channel them into your next endeavor. Most importantly, remember to lean on your support group and veteran network.

These veterans grasp the value of strong leadership, which starts by investing in others in their office or with clients on a job site. While not always easy, the team possesses an intimate understanding of the resiliency, devotion, and loyalty inherent in the human spirit, making it a cause worth fighting for.

From the Military to Restoration: The Fire Reconstruction Story