Fire Damage

The Hidden Dangers of Soot

soot damage after fire

Unfortunately, after a fire, the damage to your home may not be over. Smoke damage can be dangerous long after the flames have been put out. 

During a fire, smoke releases tiny toxic particles into the air. These particles float through the air until they land on the materials and surfaces in your home.  Heavy smoke damage can leave behind a thick black soot residue that coats anything and everything it comes in contact with. This in turn, can create a larger contamination area.

The smoke, and consequently soot will cause damage not only to the property but also the contents inside your home. The last thing you want to do is leave your home, possessions, and more importantly, your body exposed to soot.

It is common to think certain materials can be cleaned and restored just because they weren’t burned or completely ruined by the actual flames, however the smoke and soot may still cause damage to not only your items but also the health of your family. The damages smoke and soot can cause to your property and items are smoke stains, soot residue, corrosion, toxic unpleasant odors, and even structural damage to the actual home.

Beyond structure and contents damage from a fire, there are hidden dangers of soot that can harm your body. Similar to smoke, soot is made up of the same microscopic particles that contain toxic chemicals, acids, dust, metals, and other hazardous substances. The acidity of soot can be extremely damaging to your home and air quality if it’s not cleaned properly and quickly. Especially if it comes in contact with your skin, eyes, and lungs. If these substances are inhaled for an extended period of time, they can cause permanent damage to the lungs. Always take precautions and avoid putting anything in or on your body that has been exposed to the fire. 

 It’s best practice to remove anything that has been damaged by smoke to keep yourself and your family safe. To protect your home and family, it is highly recommended to call a professional to help with the removal and cleanup of soot and smoke damage. 

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