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How to prevent your pipes from freezing

Frozen Pipes

Tis the season… to check your pipes!

As the weather temperature is expected to drop this weekend, it’s important to protect your home from the problems that fluctuating temperatures can cause.  For example, the drastic drop in temperature can lead to frozen pipes that could be susceptible to bursting. It is best practice to take precautions anytime temperatures drop below 32 degrees. However, pipes typically freeze at temperatures of 20 degrees and below. This does not account for windchill which can lower temperatures and increase the risks of pipes freezing.

If your pipes happen to freeze, they could burst, potentially leading to costly water damage. A house flooding from a pipe burst is about 1 in every 60 insurance claims. Click here to read an article from KHOU about what to expect this weekend. How to protect your pipes when it’s cold outside | khou.com

Here are some tips to help prevent frozen pipes:

  • Insulate & cover pipes that may be exposed or vulnerable to the cold
  • Drip cold water – moving water keeps pipes from freezing
  • Turn off and drain outdoor faucets
  •  Keep your thermostat at 65 degrees even when leaving your home
  • Open cupboards and vanities to warm pipes
  • Find shut off valves for emergencies or if traveling shut off water
  • Keep outside valve open so water remaining in the pipe can expand without causing a break
  • Seal cracks and insulate your home

What to do if your pipes freeze

If your pipes have frozen and burst, the most important thing you can do is mitigate the damage quickly and carefully. 

Click here to learn more about water damage

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