Customer Service

Fire Reconstruction has built its stellar reputation by delivering great customer service throughout the restoration process. Over the years, each division at Fire Reconstruction has implemented various quality control measures, customer feedback surveys, and proactive protocols to maximize our customer service experience. For example, CARE which stands for Communication, Accountability, Relationships and Effort is a core objective implemented from start to finish on all of our projects.

When a job is sold we provide our customers with a detailed contact list of key management personnel, this is facilitate any communication concerns that may arise during the restoration process. Once the completion statement is signed off, we send out a Customer Survey form which we use to evaluate our products, employees and the overall service performed for each project. At Fire Reconstruction we review ALL customer surveys, welcome the positive testimonials, review constructive criticism and address any concerns that are brought to our attention.

"Customer Service... All day everyday" is our mission and 100% satisfaction is our goal!

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